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If you’re interested in collaborating with Corinne from, feel free to e-mail directly at: hello @ 

Ways I can feature your product or services:

  • Product review on my blog and submission to my over 27,000 current e-mail newsletter subscribers
  • Dedicated post with professional photographs
  • Share on my Instagram feed and stories with 87,000 current followers
  • Share on Facebook feed with over 6,000 current followers
  • Share on Pinterest (1-3 images leading to your website/product) with over 4 million current monthly viewers
  • Long-term subscription service review and feature on social media channels or blog post (or both)*
  • Feature in a video on my YouTube channel with over 3,000 current subscribers

I am also open to other sponsored opportunities if your brand has other ideas not mentioned above, and am used to working with brands.

*When it comes to a subscription service, I prefer to do a long-term collaboration as this shows my readers, viewers, subscribers, and audience the true value and consistency associated with your brand and products. I genuinely feel that a one-time feature is not a true feature of the product.

Please note that I do have the right to deny opportunities, particularly if I do not believe in/support/use the product or if I feel the product would not be a benefit or useful resource to my readers and loyal subscribers. 

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