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Cute Spring Outfits for 2019

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My toddler just turned three – and I’m finally ditching my maternity clothes! See my HUGE clothing haul, where I picked up some cute spring outfits from American Eagle, Aerie, Target, ONecklace, & Roolee!

Cute Spring Outfits #spring #slayathomemother #springfashion -

Hi friends and #slayathomebabes! I’m super excited to share my HUGE Spring Shopping Haul with you all (although you might’ve already seen a bunch of these in a recent Instagram Try-on series I did that was highly requested)!

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SPRING CLOTHING HAUL #tryon is in my stories RIGHT NOW! . . Guys. I have been wearing maternity clothes from three years ago (literally, my toddler turned three in March 😂). . . After I did the whole #konmari THANG in my closet, I took a step back and really looked at what I owned. Half of my clothing was pregnancy wear, while the other half was a mix of things I owned from high school and random things I’ve picked up along the way when passing the clearance section in Target. . . And hey – that’s #momlife. You get so wrapped up in taking care of everyone else that you put yourself on the back burner. It’s something I’ve been working on, especially now that we are finally in the clear with all of Jax’s health concerns and appointments 🥰. I have more time to focus on my needs now, as well as my kiddos! . . And for the first time in a looooong time, I don’t feel one bit guilty about treating myself. Check out my stories to see the cute #momiform clothes I picked up 🙌🙌🙌 . . When was the last time you bought something for yourself? 🥰👇👇

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In this post, I’ll be sharing some cute spring outfits for 2019 that you can grab at great prices while the sales last!

Before I share this shopping haul with you guys, first understand two things:

  1. I don’t do large shopping hauls like this for myself (like, ever)
  2. I have been wearing maternity clothes for the last three years

After I went Marie Kondo on my closet this winter, I stood back and looked at all of the clothing items I owned. the ideas behind the KonMari method is to only keep the things that spark joy for you.

For clothes, I translated that into meaning keeping the clothing that made me feel good. It was a surprise to me that most of what made me feel good were maternity clothes! I have been wearing my maternity clothes as regular clothes for the last three years. Almost all of my sweaters and tees are made to house a baby bump in. It really isn’t the most flattering look – shocking, I know, but true.

Needless to say – I have been in serious need of a wardrobe update! As much as I love my comfortable sweaters, tops, and leggings – I’m starting to feel like a bum when I’m wearing them. So, I waited for a few sales to hit my inbox at some of my favorite stores, and worn down my pretty plastic debit card.

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Spring Tops

After three years of sporting long maternity shirts, it was time to ditch the pregnant-but-not-really-pregnant look and grab some cute shirts on sale…

Spring Sweater

cute spring outfits - purple sweater from AE -

Purple pullover | AE Ne(x)t level jegging

This sweater is so incredibly soft – I’ve been sporting it almost every morning on my way out of the door to drop the boys off at school. The purple color is soft and muted – it’s the perfect addition to my new wardrobe.

cute spring outfits - purple sweater from AE -

Purple pullover | AE Ne(x)t level jegging

This cuddly purple sweater is seriously my favorite – it’s perfect for chilly Spring morning here in the Midwest, and I can tie it around my waist when it gets too warm out. It’s seriously so soft, too!

Shirts & Tanks


brown tank:

cute spring outfits - floral top from Target -

White floral top | AE shorts | Initial necklace | Monogram earrings

cute spring outfits - floral top from Target -

White floral top | AE shorts | Initial necklace

cute spring outfits - kossin tee from Roolee -

Kossin striped tee from Roolee | AE shorts

cute spring outfits - kossin tee from Roolee -

Kossin striped tee from Roolee | AE shorts

cute spring outfits - striped pocket shirt from roolee -

Randi pocket blouse from Roolee | AE shorts | Monogram earrings

cute spring outfits pink button up from roolee -

Erin detail top from Roolee | High-waisted jegging

Use code NEWTOROO to save 10% on your first order!


These days, I’m all about comfort. When it comes to bras, I still need a little support to be comfortable, but underwire annoys me. I wanted to try something different. 

Hello, bralettes!

While I am too modest to share what my bralettes look like with you all (because let’s face it, the internet is a scary place and you never know who is looking), I can share my experience with you guys! I bought my first bralette from Aerie just to try it out – and fell in love! 

I wear a 32B size bra, and found that the XS bralette was perfect for me! The band is stretchy, the ‘cups’ have light padding that can be removed, and the straps were crazy comfortable.

I’m not sure how these bralettes work for women who are gifted in the chest – feel free to leave a comment on this post if you are and have tried these bralettes so I can share!

After having such a positive experience with my first bralette, I grabbed a couple more in a different style (see them HERE). This second style of bralettes features gorgeous straps that look great under any top. They are so feminine and pretty!

P.S. While I don’t feel comfortable showing you guys what these gorgeous bralettes look like on, I did share some quick stories on Instagram (now added to my Try On highlight) to show you what the straps look like under a tank top!


Because American Eagle was having a HUGE sale on their denim, I decided to stock up on both pants and shorts! I even picked up a soft pair of joggers when I’m on-the-go.


Possibly my new favorite jeans, I purchased a pair of super high-waisted jeggings and was not disappointed! Having kids has given me hips – which isn’t a bag thing, considering my body type is very slender and I did not have many curves to start with ;). I always joke with my husband that my hips start up at my ribs because they certainly look like it. These jeans hug me in all the right places!

I also grabbed some AE Ne(x)t level jeggings (two pairs to be exact), because they go with everything and last forever.

I typically get my jeans from Hollister – but they don’t last very long at all :(.


Midi short | Ne(x)t level midi short

Featured in the shots above, these shorts are so cute and perfect for spring and summer weather.


cute spring outfits - joggers -

Camo ‘Mama’ Hat: Etsy (RightHereAtHome) | AE Real Soft Joggers | NB FuelCore Nergize Kicks



These are my first rompers – ever! I’m super late to the romper party, but I’m glad I made it because these are so fun and adorable!

P.S. The striped one if my fave!

cute spring outfits - red AE romper -

Red romper from AE | Olive green quilted slip-ons from Target

cute spring outfits - striped kimono romper from AE -

Striped kimono romperOlive green slip-ons from Target

Slip-On Shoes

For my loyal readers and Instagram followers, you’ve probably seen me sporting the same ol’ rugged Uggs all winter. They have paint on them from my fireplace project, and they’re dirty as all heck. I certainly can’t wear them during the spring and summer seasons – so it was time to grab some easy slip-on shoes to go along with my new outfits.

Olive green slip-ons

Black flats

NB Fuelcore Nergize Kicks


Since Jax isn’t a little baby pulling on my earrings and necklace, I thought now was the perfect time to grab some chic jewelry to add to my wardrobe. ONecklace gifted me these two sets to feature:

monogram earrings:

monogram earrings and necklace from onecklace -

Monogram earrings | Initial necklace

They’re both so perfect! I love how simple and elegant they make me feel.

Alright, ladies, that’s it for my spring shopping haul – hope you enjoy this post and feel inspired to treat yo self ;). Keep an eye out for new clothing try ons and purchases on my Instagram!

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