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Free Printable Fridge Labels

Organize Your Fridge With Printable Labels

Hey there! I’m guessing you’ve popped over from either Instagram or my Fridge Cleaning And Organizing post – so good to have you.

My name is Corinne, and I am the Founder, Editor, & Author of Slay At Home Mother. I love writing posts about DIY, cleaning, organization, parenthood, and ways to decorate your home.

For my loyal readers and subscribers, I have SIX full pages of fridge labels that you can easily download, print onto clear sticker paper, and apply to your fridge drawers, shelves, and containers!

I’ll send you SIX free sheets of labels for produce drawers, milk, drinks, eggs, butter, condiments, containers etc.


fridge organization fridge organization fridge organization

Here’s A Preview Of What I’ll Send You

Free Printable Fridge Labels From SLAYathomemother.com 1 of 2 Free Printable Fridge Labels From SLAYathomemother.com 2 of 2

I’ll be sending you labels for various condiment jars or bottles, sauces, veggie and fruit drawers, milk, juice bottles, snacks, defrost sticker (if you have a designated defrost section like I do), and various other labels like butter, eggs, juice, and shakes.

These labels will help you not only make your fridge look GORGEOUS like mine, but they will also help you and your family keep things organized. Because let’s face it, it takes a lot of work to effectively clean and organize your fridge. With labels, the rest of your family recognize that things have a place, and they will be able to easily find where to put food and drink items!

Sign up below and I’ll send my FREE Printable Fridge Labels your way!

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