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4 Items To Stop Buying To Help Reduce Clutter

4 Items To Stop Buying To Help Reduce Clutter

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Reduce the clutter in your home this year by refraining from buying these 4 items!

Decluttering and maintaining a mostly clutter-free home comes with a few sacrifices.

That includes getting rid of excessive items you don’t necessarily need.

It also means to refrain from buying things you could go without more of.

Your home will be happier.

Your family will be happier.

And so will you!

If you’ve recently decluttered items from your home and are looking to go through a low-buying year or reduce the amount of clutter in your home to better maintain it, here are 4 items you can stop buying now…

4 Things You Can Stop Buying To Help Declutter Your Home


Mugs And Tumblers

These make great gifts, I’ll agree.

But if you look in your kitchen cabinets, I can almost guarantee you have an overabundance of coffee mugs or tumblers.

It’s hard to part with these, but the amount of cabinet space you will gain is well worth it!

I try to keep between 6-10 mugs in our home, including those specially crafted ones from our kids.

If you already have enough mugs and tumblers in your cabinets, be sure to let friends and family members know that you are decluttering this item so they know not to gift you one for your birthday or Christmas.

New Furniture

Unless you absolutely need new furniture, I would suggest skipping adding more furniture to your home.

If you have the essentials (couch, chairs, dining table, bed, dresser, etc.), you’re already set!

if you do plan on switching up furniture this year, try to donate or resell one item for each new item you introduce.

For example, resell that old dresser on Facebook marketplace once your new order comes in.

Excessive Makeup Products

I know you probably want to try all of the new and different cosmetics they have out there – there are so many good ones!
But you probably resort to your trusted favorites after a bit, and those new makeup products you know work for you.

Stick to these tried and true favorites this year!

You’ll free up space in your bathroom drawers (or vanity) while reducing the amount of clutter in your home. 

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Single-Use Appliances

Most single-use appliances (like bread machines, rice cookers, panini presses) perform functions that your stovetop or oven can also perform. 

These appliances are often bulky and take up a lot of space.

Unless you’re using it every day (I use my bread maker each day), skip buying it!

Other Worthy Mentions Of Items To Stop Buying This Year

Here are some other items to consider skipping in your Amazon cart this year…

  • books (switch over to e-books or audible books)
  • decorative baskets (unless they are directly containing something important, you probably don’t need these)
  • holiday-specific wrapping paper and ribbon (skip the character-specific, happy birthday, bridal, and Christmas themed wrapping paper

What areas in your home do you need help with decluttering? Tell me in the comments below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.