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Deep Cleaning Checklist: February Cleaning Duties To Focus On

Deep Cleaning Checklist: February Cleaning Duties To Focus On

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Looking to deep clean your home this February? Check out this deep cleaning checklist for the month of February…

Looking for some deep cleaning tasks to focus on this month?

Here are some February cleaning duties to incorporate into your schedule…

*This post contains affiliate links, however, all opinions are my own, as always. 

February Deep Cleaning Checklist

Organize Linen Closet

Organize your towels, hand towels, and rags.

Group similar items together and incorporate organizers your closet needs.

Shop the small item organizer drawers I have here, and the clear shelf dividers here.

Steam Clean Mattress – Flip

Now’s a great time to steam clean your mattress!

Steam cleaning your mattress helps kill bacteria and any invisible critters (like dust mites or bed bugs).

P.S. I would always recommend using a steam cleaner to sanitize your mattress over a carpet cleaner because it can successfully maintain the correct temperature needed to kill bacteria and dust mites.

steam clean mattress long shot

Shop my steam cleaner here!

Clean Under Couches

cleaning under couch

Move those couches!

If your furniture is super heavy, enlist some help from your roommate, partner, spouse, or friends.

Clear any random items hiding under your couches, and give the area a good vacuuming or sweep.

Wipe along baseboards with a wet washcloth to remove dust.

Restock Cold & Flu Medications

Now that you’ve maybe gone through some of your cold and flu stashes, it’s time to refill your cabinets!

It’s smart to stock up on the commonly used medicines you’ll need and are running low on so you’re prepared for the next time you need them.

Check through expiration dates and toss any expired medications, as well.

medicine cabinxet

Clean Out Kitchen Cabinets

Last month we focused on wiping down the outsides of our kitchen cabinets – this month, we’re focused on clearing out the inside of them!

Start with the cabinets you use the most (pots and pans, spice cabinet, etc.).

Empty your cupboards, declutter what you can, and organize them.

Wipe down your cabinet shelves while they’re clear, as well.

Detail Bathrooms

bathroom detailing

One of my favorites – detailing bathrooms!

Nothing more satisfying than detailing bathrooms.

I love seeing the before and after.

Deep Clean Entryway And/Or Mudroom


Clear your mudroom or entryway (or coat closet, if your house is set up that way instead!).

Sweep and mop the floor, dust your baseboards with a wet rag, and clear any scuff marks from the walls with a wet rag or magic eraser (melamine sponges).

Note: melamine sponges aren’t compatible with all paints and may actually take paint off the walls in certain circumstances. 

Run your wet rag along the walls and any coat-hanging hooks or bars.

Declutter your mudroom or entryway – minimally hang backpacks and coats.

Wash Winter Clothing


Wash winter coats, snow pants, pullovers, gloves, hats, and other winter wear.

You can toss small items that may get lost in the wash, like gloves, in a mesh zip-up laundry bag like these.

These mesh bags are also great for keeping socks together in the wash!

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 Does this monthly cleaning list help? Let me know in the comments below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.