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DIY Gift Tags For Christmas with your Cricut

DIY Gift Tags For Christmas with your Cricut

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These DIY gift tags are so easy and fun to make and add some gorgeous sparkle to your presents or gift bags.

diy gift tags with cricut

Hi friends, I’m back at it today with another gorgeous Christmas craft!

These DIY gift tags came to mind when some rolls of gorgeous plain brown wrapping paper found their way into my cart at the store the other day.

I’m not sure what drew me to them.

I usually go for sparkly decorations, especially around Christmas time.

My tree and fireplace mantle can attest to that. 

I think I love the simplicity of the brown wrapping paper. It allows all of my other decorations to shine and complements its surroundings very well.

As much as I love the paper, though, I still found myself needing a tiny bit of sparkle.

And that’s when I thought to make some glittery gift tags with my Cricut Explore Air 2!

I love the way these gift tags turned out, the way they stand out against the plain wrapping paper, and the bit of sparkle they add to our wrapped presents.

I used glitter cardstock to make these tags, but you can, of course, use any cardstock pattern or color you wish.

I hope you love these tags as much as I do, and maybe even feel inspired to create your own!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

christmas tags diy

Materials Needed For Christmas Gift Tags

Cricut LightGrip mat, glitter cardstock, string, and Explore Air 2 materials for gift tags

Here’s what you’ll need to craft these gift tags:

Should I Use Glitter Or Plain Cardstock?

That’s up to you!

I would suggest using glitter cardstock if your wrapping paper is more on the plain side so they stick out, and sticking to plain colored cardstock for gift tags going on sparkly or busy prints of wrapping paper.

But, that’s completely up to you!

If you are using regular cardstock, however, you will not need to use the same machine dial or Design Space settings mentioned below. 

How To Make DIY Christmas Gift Tags

First, you’ll need to design your gift tags – or just use my design for free by clicking HERE!

I did a few trial runs to start with because I wanted to see how intricate I could get while still being able to successfully remove the cardstock from the mat, and found that bolder shapes work better.

Cursive is pretty and fine lines are gorgeous, but removing cardstock from the mat after trying to cut intricate designs is almost a surefire way to tear your cardstock design while removing it from the mat.

If you’re downloading my gift tags, you’ll need to upload the PNG file into Design Space. Be sure to choose ‘Complex‘ for the image type:

Import settings: complex image type cricut design space

The PNG already has a transparent background, so there isn’t any editing that needs to be done:

upload gift tags editing

Select to ‘Save as a Cut Image‘, give the image a name, and ‘SAVE‘:

save as a cut image cricut design space

Size the image down to fit into a 12″x12″ square for cutting (or smaller if you want smaller gift tags), and select ‘MAKE IT‘:

size image in cricut design space

Prepare your design on the mat within Design Space – here is where you can shift the design around to be more centered or move towards the edge of the mat to match your preference:

prepare cricut design space gift tags

The directions below pertain to cutting with Glitter Cardstock, so keep that in mind.

On your Cricut Explore Air 2, set the dial to ‘Custom‘.

Load your LightGrip mat with the cardstock of your choice.

Cricut Design Space will then ask you to set your custom material – select ‘Glitter Cardstock‘:

glitter cardstock setting in design space
explore air 2 cutting gift tags

Your Explore Air 2 will now cut your design into your cardstock, running through the cuts twice.

diy gift tags

When your design is all done cutting, unload your mat and peel the cardstock from the LightGrip mat.

**I’ve seen and heard a few people saying that you can flip the mat over upside down and peel the mat away from the paper to prevent curling, but that method doesn’t really work with this design because of the number of cuts. I tried it out myself. The best method of removal for these gift tags, I’ve found, is with the Cricut spatula.**

I gently wedge the spatula all around the edges, working my way in towards the inside cuts in the tags, gently lifting.

You’ll need to remove the negative space of the design from the mat as well, either with your thumbnail or the spatula (this took no time at all and is super easy to do).

P.S. You can always keep the negatives to use for a Christmas decoration DIY, to make a Christmas bookmark, etc.

glitter gift tags negative

Now the time to admire your finished glitter gift tags!

finished glitter gift tags

Now you can attach these gift tags to your presents!

Weave a piece of string around a wrapped gift, slip the end of the string through the cut hole in the top of the gift tag, and tie a bow.

flatlay of christmas gift tags wrapping paper and string
diy gift tags

With glitter cardstock, you can write the to and from on the backside, or you can write on the front of plain, light-colored cardstock for easy gift-giving.

closeup of diy glitter christmas gift tags

These gift tags are a beautiful way to personalize your gift-giving (or even to make as special gift tags that only come from the North Pole ;)), and are super easy to make!

glitter gift tags tutorial

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*Post originally published November 2019, last updated February 2023.

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Monday 21st of December 2020

Hi Corinne I wanted to make these lovely Christmas gift tags , but when I click the link for the free design I am taken straight into Design Space where I am asked to purchase the design. Is this correct? You give instructions for uploading the png file, but I am not given that option as the link opens up in the Design Space canvas. Can you help please? Kind Regards Susan


Monday 21st of December 2020

Hi Susan! I first published this project in 2019, and at the time, Cricut had these particular images and icons used in the project for free. I just double-checked to see if you were correct, and it appears you are - they must have changed these elements to fall under the Access membership.

I’m sorry about that! I can’t foresee any changes they make, so it wasn’t intentional when I created this project last year.

I also cannot include the PNG file for my readers to upload any more because some images are copyrighted or owned by Cricut. I will update the post to reflect these changes!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.