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Free Time Blocking Template

Free Time Blocking Template

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Free PDF Time Blocking Template and Podcast Challenge to see where your time goes…

It’s easy to say we “just don’t have the time”.

I say that with the most loving heart, too, because I’ve been there.

And depending on the season of life we’re in, it can certainly feel like that.

It can also feel like we aren’t allowed to have any downtime to just do things we like or love without sacrificing someone else’s needs that depend on our actions.

Ahh, motherhood.

It’s exhausting but so rewarding, am I right?

In today’s Podcast Episode (and blog post), we’re exploring where our time truly goes during the day to see if we truly don’t have the time to dedicate to the tasks needed to live the life we want, OR if we’re using and recycling 10 different excuses to avoid taking action.


It’s fully possible to find the time when you want to achieve something (without losing all of your hair or much-needed rest!)

Download your Free PDF Time Blocking Template 

In this episode, I’m encouraging you to print off two copies of this template. 

On Day 1, use this PDF (either on your tablet device within a PDF annotation app like GoodNotes 5 or NoteShelf 2) and write out what you think your typical schedule looks like and where your time goes.

On Day 2, use a blank copy of this template to log exactly what you did – include scrolling on CleanTok for 3 hours instead of mopping the floors 😉 – I speak from experience on that one!), and include things you noticed about yourself.

Did you make a ton of excuses but really had the time to mop the floors?

Did you feel stressed stumbling over piles of things instead of organizing them?

Do you truly just have zero time to allot to tasks during the day?

Are you taking on everything instead of delegating tasks to household members?

I encourage you to be honest and true to yourself with this template.

This exercise will help you establish some boundaries within your schedule and shine a light on areas you could use some more restructuring.

Need a Digital Mom Planner that will help you with time management? Check out our line of Organized Mom Planners here. 

What part of your day do you struggle with as a mom? Comment below and tell me. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.