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Declutter List: 13 Items You Should Declutter Right Now

Declutter List: 13 Items You Should Declutter Right Now

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Looking to free up some space in your home? Here are 13 items you should declutter right now…

If you’re looking for things to declutter in your home, look no further.

This quick list contains over a dozen items in your home that you can easily declutter in an afternoon!

I first felt the declutter bug after having our second baby.

The amount of kids toys, baby items, and clothing all overwhelmed me.

Our junk drawer was further neglected (well, every drawer was), our laundry piled up, and our house constantly looked like a tornado.

I know plenty of parents can relate to that visual, and the feeling.

But it really started impacting my mental health.

I am someone who thrives on the energy a space gives off, and the clutter that was contained in each room with all of our material things even when it was cleaned was getting to me.

It felt so busy and congested.

Everything was overflowing (toy bins, laundry baskets, closets, drawers, etc.) and it wasn’t just about trying to keep our home clean any longer.

I realized that I could only get my house so clean with all of our stuff in the way.

It’s like when you’re trying to clean the kitchen counters, and you take everything off to wipe them down, but then put everything back on the counters.

It doesn’t really make sense, right?

Things have a place, or they are simply taking up space.

And then I was introduced to the idea of donating to our local foster closet, and I became really motivated to declutter.

I started small.

Still sporting my healing postpartum body and a newborn in a baby carrier with a bag in my hand, I began going through our drawers.

Decluttering your home doesn’t have to be a giant, scary thing.

Starting small with a few key items can be really motivating and inspiring, and you can end up impacting someone else’s life for the good with the items you choose to donate.

I hope this declutter list helps you start your decluttering journey – be sure to download my free PDF checklist below…

13 Easy Items to Declutter In Your Home

Here are some super easy items you can quickly declutter in your home…

  • excessive cords (I would recommend keeping only 2 extra)
  • pens, pencils, markers 
  • old purses and bags
  • electronic boxes (you won’t be needing the old box your phone or tablet came in!)
  • jewelry
  • unnecessary duplicates (have three 
  • books and magazines (check out local book boxes near you to donate well-loved books)
  • unused journals (these would make great donations to foster closets, adoption agencies, etc.)
  • medicines (check expiration dates)
  • hairbrushes (one per person)
  • makeup (what makeup do you actually use and works for you?)
  • old phone cases 
  • mugs (I try to keep between 6-10 in our cabinets, including those that were specially made for us as gifts from our kids)

What To Do With Items You Choose To Declutter From Your Home

When decluttering items from your home, you can choose to do a few things with them…

  • toss them
  • resell them
  • donate them

I always try to donate our unwanted or unneeded items when I can, but reselling well-loved items is another option.

Especially if you could use the cash!

Even listing your items on Facebook marketplace could result in a sale while freeing up space in your home.

If you are getting rid of a used item that can’t be donated or resold (like used makeup), tossing it is your best option. 

When disposing of old medicine, it’s recommended by the FDA to mix the unused medicine with something else (coffee grounds, dirt, cat litter, etc.) to make the container and liquid inside look undesirable and deter anyone from opening it and consuming it after it’s been disposed of. 

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Download My Free Quick Decluttering Checklist 

To help you declutter your home of these items, I’ve created a printable checklist PDF for you to use!

You can simply download it, print it out, and check each item on the list off as you declutter.

I recommend going through your home every 6 months with this checklist to help maintain a clutter-free home.

If you plan on using this checklist more than once like some of my readers do, I suggest putting it in a clear sleeve and using a dry-erase marker to check off each item.

Or, you can just print it off whenever you need it!

What items or areas do you need help with decluttering in your home? Tell me in the comments below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.