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25 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Mom Or Mother-Figure In Your Life

25 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Mom Or Mother-Figure In Your Life

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Need Mother’s Day Gift Ideas this year? Here are 25 gifts the mom in your life will love…

mothers day gift ideas pin

Mother’s Day is the day to spoil, pamper, and celebrate the mom in your life!

This may very well be YOU, in which case feel free to spoil yourself ;).

This year, I’ve gathered some of the top-rated gift ideas for Mother’s Day to help you save time shopping while grabbing a great gift she’s sure to love…

*This post contains affiliate links, however, all opinions are my own, as always.

25 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mama Tote Bag

mama bag for mothers day gift
This Tote Bag is a simple and cute gift for the mamas that you know this Mother’s Day.

Whether you are getting this for your sister or best friend any mom can use an extra tote bag! 

Mug/Wine Holder and Décor coffee mug and wine glass holder for wall

Need a fun gift for your sister this Mother’s Day? This Mug/Wine Glass Holder is a fun and silly gift for your sister this Mother’s Day…especially if she loves her coffee and wine!

Ugg Slippers 

ugg slippers for mothers day gift

These Ugg slippers are perfect for the woman in your life who loves to be cozy! You can’t go wrong gifting these cozy slippers, so if you have someone in your life you aren’t sure what to get for Mother’s Day…this is your gift! 

Funny Mom Candle 

mom's last nerve candle

This Funny Mom Candle is a fun and silly gift to get your mom (or husband’s have your kids get it for your wife!)

But make sure to add this candle with a sweet gift as well so mom knows that she is loved! 

Facial Steamer 

facial steamer and headband set for mothers day

A Facial Steamer is a great self-care gift for the mom on your list! This gift works for any mom or woman and is a great option for the lady who loves to have pampering evenings!

Family Birthday Calendar 

family birthday calendar with hanging hearts for each month gift

Need a fun gift for grandma? This Family Birthday Calendar is a great option for grandma this Mother’s Day, especially if there are lots of kids and grandkids to keep track of. 

YETI Travel Mug 

yeti travel mug in hot pink with handle

Have a coffee lover in your life? This YETI Travel Mug is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

You can gift this to your mom, sister, best friend, or grandma…it is easy and so cute. 

Face Ice Roller 

ice roller for skin gift

This Ice Roller is a great gift for Mother’s Day. It would be fun to add to a self-care basket or by itself, it still makes a great gift! 

Engraved Cutting Board 

nana's kitchen engraved cutting board

This Engraved Cutting Board is a fun gift option for grandma this Mother’s Day. Grandmas can be hard to buy for sometimes and this cutting board is a sweet gift that will look great in Nana’s kitchen! 

Shower Steamers

shower steamers gift

Shower Steamers are a great gift option for any mom this Mother’s Day! She will love these to help relax and take some extra care of herself.

These come with great reviews! 

Mama Sweatshirt 

pink sweatshirt with mama on the front gift for mothers day

This cute Mama Sweatshirt is another great gift option for any of the women in your life who are moms! You can purchase this sweatshirt in a variety of colors.

A simple gift idea that any mom would love! 

Ring Dish 

ring bowl the reads 'i love you mom'

This simple Ring Dish is a great gift for mom this Mother’s Day! It is simple and a great reminder to mom on how much you love her each time she removes her rings. 

Personalized Makeup Bag 

personalized makeup bag

This Personalized Makeup Bag is a cute gift idea for this Mother’s Day!

Customize it with either a name or title (think Mama, Grandma, Mimi, etc). 

Grandmother’s Guided Journal and Memory Keepsake Book 

tell me your story grandma journal and keepsake book

This Journal and Memory Keepsake Book is a sweet gift for Grandma this Mother’s Day that will be valuable for generations to come.

This gift is a fun way to get to know your grandma and record some of her memories and stories to pass down to future generations.

Mama Necklace 

mama necklace

This Mama Necklace is so simple and a sweet gift for any mama that you know this Mother’s Day.

This is a great gift idea for the mom friends in your life!

Silk Pillowcase and Sleep Mask 

silk pillowcase and eye cover set for mothers day

This Silk Pillow Case and Sleep Mask is a fun idea for a self-care gift.

The silk helps keep skin moisturized and prevents wrinkles and it is also great for keeping hair healthy and preventing hair breakage.


Dog Mom Mug and Wine Glass

coffee mug and wine glass for dog mom gift

Is there a dog mom that you need a gift for this Mother’s Day?

This mug and wine glass set is a fun and cute gift for any dog lover/mama! 

Personalized Pet Necklace 

dog mom necklace personalized with dog names

This Personalized Pet Necklace is another great gift option for any dog mamas that you know this Mother’s Day.

You can customize this necklace with up to three names and it comes will a small paw print as well. 

Jewelry Box 

jewelry box

If you are stuck on what to get your mom (or any lady in your life) for Mother’s Day, this Jewelry Box is a great practical gift!

This jewelry box is great for traveling or storing jewelry at home making it easy for any woman to love. 

Personalized Bar Necklace 

personalized bar necklace with kids names

This beautiful, Personalized Bar Necklace is a thoughtful gift for this Mother’s Day.

Customize the necklace with any names that are special, making this a necklace valuable and something that mom will want to wear for years to come! 

Personalized Grandma Tumbler 

tall tumbler that reads 'grandma' in vertical letters

This Grandma Tumbler is a cute gift idea for grandma this year!

Grandma’s can be hard to buy for, but this tumbler is great for tea, coffee, or even water. 

Aunt Necklace

aunt necklace with two rings entertwined 

Do you have a special relationship with your Aunt? This sweet Necklace is a great gift for her this Mother’s Day.

It is a great reminder of how valuable your aunt is in your life. 

Ceramic Planters 

plant pot set

These Ceramic Planters are a great gift idea for the plant lady in your life!

They are simple and cute and those plant lovers can never have too many pots.

Silk Pajama Set 

silk pajama set for mothers day

Pajamas are a great gift for Mother’s Day! This Silk Pajama set is so comfy and comes in a bunch of different colors.

The woman you gift these to will feel like a queen sleeping in these!

Lighted Vanity Mirror 

lighted vanity mirror gift

This Lighted Vanity Mirror is another fun gift idea good for anyone.

This mirror comes highly rated and the woman you gift it to will surely love it!

Which gift is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.