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O3 Waterworks Laundry System Review

O3 Waterworks Laundry System Review

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An honest O3 Waterworks Laundry System Review, from a family of five…

It’s finally here and set up – my O3 Waterworks laundry System!

I’ve been itching to try this ozone laundry system for over a year now, ever since I first bought their sanitizing spray bottle.

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I fell in love with their spray bottle and have been using it for everything, and it made me really want to invest and try their laundry system.

With the kids in school and Zoey down for a nap, we carved out some time and installed it.

In this post, I’ll be sharing my honest thoughts on installation and performance, as well as some key pointers that led us to want to try this laundry system.

If you are more of a visual person, I also made a YouTube video of the process that you can view here. 

Thank you to O3 Waterworks for providing the laundry system for me to review and feature – all opinions are my own, as always. This post contains affiliate links. 

What Comes In The Laundry System Box?

Here’s what’s included in your O3 Waterworks Laundry System order:

  • ozone laundry unit
  • 2 water hoses (each 4′ long)
  • wall mounting bracket
  • screws and metal wall anchors
  • power cord
  • key fob – remote control
  • user manual

Other items you may need to make installation easier…

  • pliers
  • stud finder
  • tape
  • drill with Philips drill bit or Philips screwdriver
  • pencil or pen
  • leveler

O3 Waterworks Laundry System Installation

Overall, our laundry system install only took about an hour – that includes the extra time I took to pause and take these pictures and also film a bit for my YouTube video.

Installation was super easy!

We were nervous about it, with the wall template and not being as handy as other people we know, but we were able to accomplish a successful install with no problems at all.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to install this unit…

Shut Off Cold Water

Our water hookups were on the side of the wall near the floor – not exactly ideal, but it is what it is.

If your hoses are like ours, one is striped blue for cold water, and the other is striped red for hot water. 

You can turn off the cold water by turning the knob.

We placed a towel underneath ours just in case we had any leaking.

Disconnect Cold Water Hose

Using pliers, we easily disconnected the hose from both the water hookup on the wall and the washer.

Our cold water hose was connected to the back of our washer at the top.

Mount Ozone Generator To Wall

Using the included wall template and a stud finder, we found the perfect place to install our laundry system.

For our wall, we were able to use one stud to fasten the far left screw to.

For the middle and right screws, we used 2 of the metal wall anchors included in the box

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For this, we needed to install the wall anchors first, position the metal wall mounting bracket over them, and then screw the screws in place.

Once the screws were tightened, the bracket was now fully installed.

Attach Hose Connectors

Laying the laundry unit on its side, we followed the instructions and connected the hoses properly.

One hose goes from the water hookup straight to the unit, while the second hose goes from the unit to the washing machine.

This way, when the water is being pulled in for the washing cycle, it will flow from the water hookup into the O3 Waterworks Laundry unit, and then to the washing machine. 

Because of our laundry setup, we reused our cold water line (which was about 6′ vs. the 4′ hose included in the box) because the 4′ hose could not reach. 

We felt confident doing this because we also just bought our new washer and dryer a few months ago, so the water hoses are still basically brand new.

If you are in the same pickle and have a much older washing unit, I would recommend picking up a new hose to ensure compatibility and performance. 

Turn Cold Water Back On

We put the unit onto the wall bracket and turned the cold water back on. 

Your unit is now ready to use!

You can see ours in action below – check out that blue window with the bubbles flowing through!

o3 waterworks laundry system installed on wall

O3 Waterworks Performance – My Honest Thoughts

Point blank – I’m in love with this ozone laundry unit.

And I’m totally kicking myself for not getting one sooner!

But, let me dive deeper into why…

o3 Waterworks Laundry System Cleaning Power

This laundry system powers through and cleans clothes so well!

The first load we tried it on was a stinky wet load left in the washer overnight.

This wasn’t intentional – it just happened to be what was in the washer when we had the time to install the unit ;).

It removed stinky odors from the clothes and everything looked and smelled so clean!

Removing Stinky Odors From Clothes

The load that was in our washer (our test load) was pretty smelly!

While the laundry room is upstairs, we could smell the ozone generated during the cycle all the way downstairs.

It was a pleasant rainstorm smell.

I went to remove the clothes from the washer to place in the dryer, and could tell just by standing near the laundry room that the clothes were clean!

The smell wasn’t overpowering, wasn’t chemical-laden, it just smelled fresh and clean.

Once it was dried in the dryer, the smell was gone.

This Laundry System Generates Less Dryer Lint

Here is a still from my YouTube video that shows the difference between the lint generated before using this system, and after…

lint before and after o3 waterworks laundry system

I didn’t actually read about this until after our unit was ordered, but after testing out this laundry system, I can confirm that it does produce less lint!

The difference we saw was about 50% less lint. 

I’ll be sure to do an update in a month or two on this as well. 

We’re Reducing Waste And Saving Money

By using cold water with this unit to effectively clean our clothes, we’re saving money that would usually be heated (raising our gas or electric bill).

We’re also reducing our carbon footprint, and reducing waste in landfills. 

Did you know that about 700 million plastic laundry detergent bins end up in landfills in the U.S. EVERY YEAR?

I had no clue!

Now we don’t have to fuss with pods, detergent bottles and caps, or liquid fabric softener.

O3 Waterworks also estimates that the average family of 4 doing 8 loads of laundry per week will save more than $600 per year using this laundry system. 

No Detergent Or Fabric Softener Needed

As I mentioned above, with this ozonated laundry unit, we don’t need to buy detergent or softener.

But if you’re worried about missing the benefits o detergent and fabric softener, worry not!

In pile tests, clothes washed with O3 Waterworks Laundry Systems were shown to be fluffier and thicker.

If you still want to use fabric softener, you can – just use much less than you normally would, or stick to dryer sheets per O3 Waterworks recommendations.

You can also use detergent during an O3 cycle as well, but using much less would be advised.

The only no-no would be using bleach in an O3 cycle, as they both reduce each other’s efficacy when used together.

You can always press the No O3 button on your remote during a bleach cycle!

In our experience, we’re liking the way the clothes feel and smell with just the ozonated water in the wash and dryer balls in the dryer.

Clothes are very soft, fresh, and clean.

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Selecting The Cycle Is Super Easy

To run a normal cycle, you need to do nothing but start your washing machine!

From other reviews, I was a little confused and thought I would need to press the key fob every single wash – but that’s not the case.

Once you start your wash cycle, the cold water will be pulled through the unit automatically.

If you want to run a BOOST cycle to change it to a No O3 cycle, you just need to press the corresponding button on your key fob once you start your load.

closeup of key fob for o3 waterworks laundry

You can also change the factory preset so that your machine always runs on a BOOST cycle (see above picture for those instructions).

We’ve been keeping the key fob on top of the unit, but you can always clip it to an overhead shelf or hang it.

o3 waterworks laundry system key fob

Overall, we’re loving this new laundry unit! I can’t recommend it enough!


Thanks so much for reading, and please let me know if you have other questions about the O3 Waterworks Laundry System I can include in this review.

*Post originally posted September 2021, last updated May 2022. 

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Wednesday 4th of May 2022

Does your coupon code still work? I tried to use it and for some reason it was saying it’s not valid


Monday 9th of May 2022

Hi! I have updated this post, the coupon code is no longer active. Thank you so much for reading!

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