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We’re Pregnant With Our Rainbow Baby!?

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Hi friends!

I’ve been pretty radio silent these last few weeks on social media, youtube channel, my blog, and even on my personal Facebook page (which doesn’t see much activity anyway). That’s because I have some really exciting news to share with you all…we’re pregnant!

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🌈Hi friends – we have some BIG news to share! We’re pregnant! 🌈😍🙌 God has been so good to our family! 📷: @livinthemomentphoto❤️ . . After 1.5 years of #tryingtoconceive and two rounds of Clomid, we are finally pregnant with #babynumberthree ❤️. . . If you’ve been wondering why it seems like I fell off the face of the Earth these last couple of months 😂😂😂, this is why! I’ve been extremely sick, and have been trying my best to just take it easy. . . I haven’t been posting on my stories as much because I didn’t want to give our incredible secret away in case something happened (#pregnancyafterloss mamas know what I mean) and I have been too exhausted to work on my blog. 😴 . . And, between you and me, I’ve been busy guarding my heart. After our loss in February, I’ve been extremely protective and quiet when it comes to this baby. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. Waiting for my body to miscarry. Silently hoping and praying that this pregnancy is viable and strong. . . This sweet little #rainbowbaby is indeed a little fighter – each ultrasound shows us a crazy strong heartbeat and a growing little sweet pea. . . We are 10 weeks today, due 2-3-2020, although we will be welcoming this #rainbowbaby🌈 the last week of January ❤️. . . P.S. I had an adorable rainbow 🌈balloon to go along with our photo shoot with @livinthemomentphoto – SWIPE to see why it isn’t in any of our pictures 👉😂 (P.P.S. It’s hubby’s fault! 🤗)

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Photo by Liv In The Moment Photography in Metro Detroit

If you’ve been following our TTC journey on Instagram, you already know that we’ve been trying to conceive for almost a year and a half, and recently started taking Clomid to help our chances of conceiving (here are a bunch of helpful tips on taking Clomid if you’re interested).

This new baby will be our third successful pregnancy. We experienced a loss before our three-year-old Jaxson was conceived, as well as a loss this past February. So, this sweet blessing is our second rainbow baby.

I’ll be honest, the idea of sharing this news is scary for me.

I know God gives, and He takes away.

And, selfishly, it would be devastating for me to go through a loss like this in front of my tens of thousands of readers, viewers, and audience.

Photo by Liv In The Moment Photography in Metro Detroit

I felt it was necessary for me to share this news with my readers, however, because I haven’t been allowing myself to celebrate or to be happy. I’m honestly tired of feeling negative and sullen about this incredible blessing, or waiting for it to be taken away.

I need to be happy about this baby. And I think this is the first step.

Photo by Liv In The Moment Photography in Metro Detroit

I have been taking everything extremely easy. No lifting, minimal stress, and tons of relaxing.

I’ve had some extreme morning sickness these past few weeks and intense fatigue, but the boys (although rowdy and constantly moving while they are both home on summer break) have been incredibly sweet and understanding.

Photo by Liv In The Moment Photography in Metro Detroit

My husband actually coaxed me into revealing our pregnancy. I was keen on waiting until the 12-week mark, but personally, I think he could tell that I was so busy protecting this baby and myself from the world that it was starting to have an impact on me mentally and emotionally.

Truthfully, now that I’ve figured out how to handle my morning sickness effectively (thank you, vitamin B6!), I still have trouble letting myself believe there’s a tiny human successfully growing inside my womb.

Photo by Liv In The Moment Photography in Metro Detroit

Each ultrasound we have had has shown a strong heartbeat from our little fighter, whom we’ve been closely following since week 7.

We’ve known about this little one since we got back from our trip to Petoskey (which is why you haven’t seen a single post or update from me since then), on May 31st of this year.

I remember getting home from our trip, walking in the door, and thinking, “I need to take a test.”

I knew it was either time to start my monthly cycle and my third month of Clomid, or it was time for a positive pregnancy test.

I took a pregnancy test while my husband sat nearby trimming his beard in the bathroom sink, and within a matter of seconds, we had a positive test!

I would spend the next two weeks testing. I would wake up, grab a test, and pray. Every morning I was greeted with a positive test. I would hang on to the test so I could wave it in my husband’s face as he came in the door from a night at work.

After the second week, I decided this baby wasn’t going to fade away from existence like the others.

Chris walked in from work one morning and asked if I had tested again.

Nope. I’m pregnant. I’m still as pregnant today as I was yesterday. This baby isn’t going anywhere. I just know it (now). 

Photo by Liv In The Moment Photography in Metro Detroit

BTW, aren’t these shots just incredible?! We use Olivia from Liv In The Moment Photography here in the Metro Detroit area to capture all of our family shots because she’s just incredible! She really knows how to get the shots I want/need, and the best way to work with our kids (even when they’d rather be catching frogs)!

Photo by Liv In The Moment Photography in Metro Detroit

P.S. I had an adorable rainbow balloon to go along with our sweet rainbow baby announcement, but someone *cough cough, Christopher* accidentally let the balloon go before we got the chance to capture it in our pregnancy announcement pictures.

Olivia snapped a picture of it as it flew away, though!

Photo by Liv In The Moment Photography in Metro Detroit

I’ll be documenting this pregnancy on my Instagram, and providing little ‘bump dates’ here on my blog, so go ahead and join my e-mail list so you can get the updates delivered straight to your inbox!

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