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The Only Lettuce Grow Farmstand Review You Need To Read

The Only Lettuce Grow Farmstand Review You Need To Read

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The only Lettuce Grow Farmstand review you need to read…

Hi friends!

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you are looking into getting a Lettuce Grow Farmstand.

And I’ll also assume you’ve been combing over other Lettuce Grow reviews to find an honest one.

Look no further – I only include the truth in my blog posts.

I’ve built a loyal audience over the years, and I don’t take your trust lightly.

I write my posts the same way I would if I was explaining and giving my opinion to my dearest friends.

Now that I’ve been growing indoors with the Lettuce Grow Farmstand, I wanted to share my thoughts for my readers, since this is a big question I get all the time…

Is Lettuce Grow worth it?

Now that I’ve grown both outdoors and indoors, and have owned my Farmstand for the last year 0 I’ll be sharing all the details and information I can to help you make the decision on whether Lettuce Grow is right for you or not.

*This post contains affiliate links, however, all opinions are my own, as always.*

Lettuce Grow Hydroponic Grow System

There are definitely some pros and cons of growing indoors and outdoors, and the choice will really depend on a few factors for you and your family, like…

  • what kinds of food you want to grow
  • what growing zone you live in (find that out here)
  • if you have a yard/space to grow outdoors
  • if you’d rather grow indoors or outside

Here is a little about my experience growing indoors and outdoors with our Farmstand

Growing Outdoors With The Farmstand

lettuce grow seedlings one week growth

Besides having a few caterpillars present on my Farmstand last year while growing outdoors, I loved growing outside!

I have a very real and irrational fear of caterpillars.

That’s a whole other story, however. 

If the climate here in the Midwest allowed for a longer grow cycle outdoors (we get maybe 3-4 months of optimal weather), I would probably still be growing outdoors!

Growing outdoors was easy enough, as well, since I didn’t have to worry about grow lights, and could even turn the pump off when we had heavy rains.

Filling up the tank was very simple outdoors as well – I just stuck the hose right in the tank, and filled it up!

Any leaks or accidental overfilling was not an issue, as there wasn’t indoor flooring or multiple levels to worry about damaging,

I could also grow more food, like zucchini, broccoli, etc. that wasn’t constrained by the grow lights.

Growing Indoors With The Farmstand

For the last 6 months, I’ve been growing food indoors with the Lettuce Grow Farmstand.

I’ve included weekly updates for the first month to share how my veggies have been doing…

Week 1 Indoor Grow Update: Lettuce Grow Farmstand

Week 2 Indoor Grow Update: Lettuce Grow Farmstand

Week 3 Indoor Grow Update: Lettuce Grow Farmstand

Week 4 Indoor Grow Update: Lettuce Grow Farmstand

I’ve kept up with growing for the last 6 months (I started in March, and it’s now October).

It’s been going great!

I’ve experienced a little bit of a fungus gnat problem, although all types of gardening involve some sort of pest to keep up with.

Those that own indoor plants can experience gnats around their home.

Wet soil makes a great living space for laying eggs and nurturing gnat larvae!

And if you’re new to hydroponics, this may be news to you as it was to me…

But luckily, they are easy enough to get rid of, and keeping up with the gnat population takes no more time than it did adding in the nutrients. 

To combat fungus gnats, I tended to the adult gnat population as well as the egg/larvae population.

I say population like there was a million of them or something – there were certainly never that many, but I’m struggling to find a better word…

For the adult population, I use fly traps (although I prefer pretty ones that don’t stick out like a sore thumb – these are my favorite).

For the eggs/larvae, I use a combination of hydrogen peroxide and Mosquito Bits.

You can read more about that HERE.

I have personally loved growing indoors – the Farmstand sits in my office and looks so full of life!

I love being able to snip off some herbs for our dinner while I’m cooking, tear off some lettuce for a healthy lunch of salad, and watching the veggies growing year-round!

In the Midwest, we see a very small outdoor growing window for gardening, so indoor growing is optimal for my lifestyle and growing zone. 

I simply run the ‘daytime’ watering cycle and grow lights in the evening and during the night so the light and water sounds don’t interrupt our work-from-home lifestyle as much.

The water sound from the tank as the pump goes is very light but noticeable.

The lights from the Glow Rings are bright, but welcome in the early hours or late hours in my office.

I could see them being an issue for a living room in the evening if the light is reflecting off a TV, however. 

If Lettuce Grow Worth The Cost?

In my opinion, it is!

But, I understand how expensive it is upfront.

While it is very inexpensive to actually run the Farmstand at home on the pump between water and electricity, I know that the initial cost can be a lot for some.

Lettuce Grow does offer a payment plan, which I think is amazing, and definitely something to consider if it fits your budget better.

While I can’t say it will be worth it for every family, I can only speak for myself and give you my opinion.

I definitely think it is 100% worth the cost.

At the time of this writing, they also offer a monthly payment plan to work with your budget.

Buying Lettuce Grow Seedlings Vs. Growing Your Own

lettuce grow seedlings delivery

On top of the cost of the unit and grow lights, Lettuce Grow offers the option to purchase seedlings to go into your Farmstand for $2.50 each.

You also have the option to grow your own plants from seeds and transplant them into your Farmstand. 

I’m busy, and I love the option to buy seedlings for my Lettuce Grow seedlings.

But I’ve also been experimenting with growing my own lately, from seeds.

I bought a seed starter, heat mat, grow medium, and seeds from Etsy to test out growing my own.

These are all linked in my Farmstand Essential Amazon affiliate list. 

I also grabbed some soil cubes that fit well in the Lettuce Grow plant cups.

I’ve even gotten the kids in on it – my oldest, who has SPD, needs to work more with his hands to build dexterity, and having him put the seeds into the hole of the soil cubes has been a great hand exercise for him.

We check in on the seedlings daily, chart and measure how they’re growing, talk about the different dishes we want to make with the foods, and ensure they are getting enough water and heat to grow.

I also love the fact that I know my seedlings don’t have any gnat eggs or larvae ;).

I will say that only one or two of my seedling deliveries from Lettuce Grow seemed to contain gnat eggs or larvae – although I can’t definitely say that’s the case because I could easily have had gnats in my home from my fiddle leaf fig trees that laid eggs in the seedling soil and not realized it. 

Resetting The Lettuce Grow Farmstand

Resetting my Farmstand seems to be the only thing I would consider a ‘chore’.

This involves taking all of the plants out, disassembling the tiers and light rings, and cleaning out the interior of the unit.

But, I’ve learned that a good drill brush attachment or power washer works wonders for this cleaning task, and I’m able to get through about 4-5 months between resets.

Lettuce Grow recommends a reset every 3 months for your Farmstand to prevent nutrient buildup, prevent the water pump from getting clogged over time. 

I’ve managed to do this maintenance inside and outdoors, and it was easy enough with the right tools and some Dawn Powerwash.

My Honest Lettuce Grow Review And Thoughts After One Year Of Growing

I can’t tell you guys enough how much I love my hydroponic growing system.

Seriously, it’s so amazing!!!

My best friend has one now, too, and has just started growing her own veggies at home – and she feels the same.

It’s amazing to be able to grow fruits, veggies, and herbs at home for healthier meals!

Be sure to check out my YouTube series on the Farmstand for more inside info – find those videos here.

What questions do you have about the Farmstand that I can help answer? Drop them in the comments below so I can include them in this post and future posts. 

*Post originally published October 2021, last updated May 2023.

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Sunday 30th of April 2023

I love the labels you have for the plants. Where did you purchase that or how did you print those labels? Thank you.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.