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Simply Earth December Box – An Essential Oil Recipes Subscription

Simply Earth December Box – An Essential Oil Recipes Subscription

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A detailed and up-close overview of the Simply Earth essential oil recipes subscription box

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Hi friends!

I’m so happy to be able to share the December 2020 Simply Earth subscription box with you all and make one of the essential oil recipes from the box.

Each month, I get one of these incredible Simply Earth subscription boxes delivered to my doorstep with 6 fun DIY recipes inside, along with extras and goodies to help make the recipes.

Here are a few past Simply Earth recipe box overviews I’ve published for you to read through:

August 2020 Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box Review

You can see from the past few posts that every single box I’ve gotten has been filled with amazing goodies, extras, essential oil blends, oil bottles, and gorgeous sticker labels!

Simply Earth offers 100% pure GC/MS third-party tested essential oils and blends, are not an MLM – which I love (sorry to my MLM-friends, you do you!), and they donate 13% of their profits to fight human trafficking.

Besides their recipe box, they carry single essential oil bottles, carrier oils, starter kits, blends, roll-ons, and extras.

They also take a friendly approach to help educate their customers and audience on how to properly diffuse, apply, and use their oils for a natural home that’s equally as safe.

On the back of their recipe cards, they feature detailed general safety information about each oil enclosed, with information like:

  • is an essential oil safe to use during pregnancy?
  • can I use this essential oil around my cats or dogs?
  • at what age is this essential oil considered to be safe to use around/on?
  • what is the dilution rate of this essential oil?
  • uses for each oil

Each recipe included in their subscription box has been created and tested by their duo team of aromatherapists, so you can feel confident that you are using them creatively and SAFELY around yourself and your family.

Each month leaves me more impressed than the last, and I can’t wait to open y door and find my subscription box waiting for me with fun recipes and oils!

In this post, I’ll be giving you an early look inside the December Simply Earth subscription box.

*This post contains affiliate links, however, all opinions are my own, as always.

Inside The Simply Earth December 2020 Essential Oil Recipe Box

What Comes In The December 2020 Box

Here’s what inside the December 2020 box…

New customers also get the BIG BONUS BOX for free, which comes EO essentials like roll-on bottles, carrier oils, etc.

The big bonus box is also included in your 6th subscription box order at no cost – woohoo!


These orange slices are darling…

A quick glance, and I can see that there are three soap recipes in this month’s box – one of them being soap jellies!

There’s a good size silicone mold for the recipes in the December box, as well. 

Here is December’s box oil lineup…

I love that the goat’s milk soap base comes in breakaway cubes (like candle wax)!

Let’s Make A Recipe From The December Box

For this post, I decided to make the orange grove exfoliating soap recipe, featuring those beautiful dried orange slices for you guys…

The recipe also calls for two of the four essential oil bottles included in the December box, Cedarwood and Bergamot.

To make this soap recipe, I needed either a double boiler or to use my microwave with 30-second heating intervals.

I chose to make my own makeshift double bowler using a small pot filled with an inch of water, and a metal bowl resting on top.

I did this in last month’s recipe box post to melt wax to make a candle – see that post HERE

*If you do this at home, please use caution. Do not touch or lift the top bowl from its position once the heat is turned on. I have an oven mitt handy to help me pour the melted soap base once it’s done.

In my makeshift double boiler, I added about 1.5 oz. of the goat’s milk soap base and turned the stove on low heat.

I waited patiently as it melted the soap base

As the soap base melted, I cut up the dried orange slices with scissors. 

The blend of these two oils is HEAVENLY!


simple earth discount code

Then, I followed the recipe’s directions and dispensed the recommended amount of drops for both the Bergamot and Cedarwood essential oils.

I couldn’t grab pictures while I was pouring the soap because, well, I only have two hands ;).

But here’s what it looks like now that it poured…

Before the top layer dried, I placed pieces of cut orange slices around the top.

You can also stagger orange slices throughout your soap bar by doing it in layers (melt and pour in small amounts, add in pieces of oranges, and allow to dry – repeat until you’re done).

I can’t get over how gorgeous this soap bar looks so far!

This bar of soap smells as amazing as it looks, too.

Once it was done cooling, I popped it out of the silicone mold.

All done!

I’ve never made a bar of soap before, so this was a new (and very FUN) experience for me.

If you love essential oils and are looking for natural, easy ways to incorporate them into your home, I can’t recommend this box enough!

There may be a few extras you need for the recipes here and there (household items, like coffee filters, etc. depending on the recipe), but the oil quality, price, and recipes are well worth it to me.

This recipe box is so fun to open and create recipes with!

Grab your December box from Simply Earth HERE, as well as a $40 e-gift card to use towards your next box or future purchase!

simple earth discount code

I hope you enjoyed this post and feel confident about the Simply Earth brand – one I wholeheartedly stand behind!

If you have questions about the box, delivery, shipping, BIG BONUS BOX, oil quality, or have other concerns, I hope you’ll leave them in the comments below so I can answer them for you.

*Post originally published November 2020, last updated January 2022.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.